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Project Management

“Complex projects that require the mind to bend and come up with new flows and ideas, or projects requiring complete reorganization is where my excitement lies.”

 – Andrea Scholz, Team Member

My project management history:

Fundabanda Information Packet for new artists

Fundabanda Information Packet for new artists

My involvement in web related projects started in 2004 with early WordPress community website in Nelson, BC, Canada. I was owner and project manager on this site and at this point learned to speak and work with multiple developers, designers and understand the ins and outs of the front end and back end of websites. Ilovenelson.com won the top platinum award for many years in the Kootenay Region for best website.

In 2005, I started Smart Nuts Technology. We were building community website frameworks with a django, a python based platform. Again, I worked with clients as project manager delegating to my own team of 3-4 developers at any one time.

I moved away from web development with the acquisition of newspaper publisher and production manager in 2011 and by 2013 was running two community newspapers and laying them out. My skills during this time included proficiency optimizing photos for various print and digital publications in PhotoShop, and fast layout in InDesign. Both these newspapers were award-winning newspaper for their distribution size by the Canadian Newspaper Association. During this time, I was also managing 8-12 people within the office and working with other agencies. I managed budget, banking, HR, all in addition to the layout and copyediting. My communication and English skills are excellent. With the sale of a house, I was fortunate to leave the harsh environment of Northern British Columbia and Alberta and move to Maui in mid 2013.

In 2014, I began working as project manager for Fundabanda, Inc. This website is a complex website offering crowdfunding for musicians. At time of development, the latest advances in recurring payments were not on the marketplace and so this is something we developed from bottom up. www.fundabanda.com is now live and starting to take on clients. In this project, I worked with 3 owners, 2 with no experience in technology to liaison with 7 developers implementing a host of systems, such as custom external recurring adaptive payments and Mandrill automation, into the WordPress foundation.

“I have a good understand of the front and back end interactivity of web development, and the ability to speak the languages of both client and developer.”