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Social Media Promotion

Social Media Promotion

Social Media Promotion

Social Media Promotion is the best and cheapest method and getting out your message…but where to start?  Right here at Aloha Self-Publishing!

Social Media Consultation

So you have a project or an event but how do you get the word out? We’ve been there and done that! Sit down with our team and we’ll hammer out some quick and simple ideas to get you started with promoting your event or product.

Social Media Campaign

Social media might be the way to go but it can be time consuming and requires much creativity and technical expertise for you to standout. Good thing we’re here to help!  We can do the following:

  • Build multiple social media pages to promote your product or event, including individual banners and branding.
  • Engage your audience with regular social media updates on many platforms.
  • Management of your social media campaign.
  • Original blog posts about you or your product.

Whether you are looking for a quick short term campaign to promote an event or a more long-term or ongoing campaign to promote your product, we’ll get the word out through social media. Contact Us for a quote!